About Us

Conscious Adventurist is a global, organic collective of passionate and progressive individuals doing our part to mindfully connect with our planet, while also allowing our adventurous spirits to thrive. Through education, partnerships, and inspiration, our focus lies within helping others to synergize their desire to fully experience and connect with Planet Earth while maintaining an ethical obligation to simultaneously protect and support it in all its beauty and splendor.

We are an eco-conscious and vegan organization that strives to give back as much as possible. This includes our membership with Patagonia’s 1% For The Planet and our partnership with Protect Our Winters, where a portion of every purchase from our site goes towards supporting environmental initiatives. We invite you to come join us on our journey of discovering mindfulness in the wild!

We’re proud to announce our new partnership with Protect Our Winters! We’re giving a percent of our profits toward POW’s solar initiatives to help create a brighter energy future together.

POW is a dedicated nonprofit leading the outdoor industry, athletes, and general outdoor enthusiasts toward positive climate action. This means working toward reducing, stopping, or even reversing climate change because “we all need winter.”