The Xanadu Life

By Conscious Adventurist Admin

The Xanadu Life

The Xanadu Life is on a mission to make a happier, healthier world.

As a lifestyle brand inspiring “wellness, education and green living through unique and playful experiences,” Xanadu is demonstrating exactly what it takes to drive environmental responsibility, personal well-being and deeper human connectivity.

In just two weeks, Xanadu launches Camp Xanadu, a 200-person, all-inclusive summer retreat just 22 miles off the coast of Los Angeles on the west end of Catalina Island. From September 29 to October 1, camp-goers can expect nutritious meals, guided water excursions, team-building activities, yoga, campfire jams and more.

The camp draws people of all ages and all backgrounds. Whether you’re a banker or lifetime yogi, artist or engineer, Camp Xanadu is designed to take every person on their own personal journey. According to their site, “No matter where you live, how old you are, what shape you are, what ethnicity you are, or what your story is, we all breathe the same fresh ocean air, sleep under the same stars, and are united in our human experience.”

Registration is still available here.

When you get involved with Xanadu, you’re also getting involved with their incredible environmental work. They run the Xanadu Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to creating plastic free oceans through activation, education and art. You can find them year-round participating in coastal cleanups to address plastic waste, which makes up 90 percent of ocean pollution.

It’s never been easier to get closer to the outdoors and also be a responsible environmental steward.

Interested in getting involved with The Xanadu Life? Learn more about Camp Xanadu and the Xanadu Foundation here.